Doing something just for your colony and twenty heifers. You do anything for you, your colony members and of course the colony. Anything for the colony. You do anything and everything for the colony.
"Oh do it for the colony!"
"He did it for the colony."
"I need 20 heifers for the colony."
"Doing it for the colony."
by TheColony January 17, 2013
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When your fucking your girl in the ass exclusively and you decide that it might be a good place to live, so move in for a long period of time.

At which hour thy fucking thy wench in the rampallian exclusively and thee decideth yond t might beest a valorous lodging to liveth, so moveth in f'r a longeth p'riod of timeth.
Colin: Did you hear about shahyar and fatima?
Me: No what happened?
Colin: He parked his boat in her ass! ;)
Me: Oh Ass Colonialism?
Colin: Yes exactly.
by Caleb_DeBrusk September 10, 2020
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When you have sex as they would have in the colonial days.
Seamus: We were having sex colonial style, churning that butter!
by Teh Creature Talk September 8, 2011
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Anything that one does to veer away from something normal. It applies to sibling rivalry or going against peer pressure. It also can mean something that you do that is boldly different.
Cole Sprouse made the colonial decision when he decided to dress like a pilgrim while his bro Dylan kept on the normal teenager path.
by EileenJo January 28, 2013
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1) Adj- Extremely rich, snotty, white, and preppy. Used to describe kids from ages 12-17 living in Eastern Virginia. See douche bag.

2)Noun- A place in Virginia Beach, Virginia where wealthy children run around pretending they are cool and that they are highly respected in society.
1) Did you see that girl? My God, she was so Bay Colony.

2) Bay Colony Girl- OMG, I can't believe we're doing this. We are so bad!
Bay Colony Guy- I know, loitering in school after hours makes us such daredevils.
by trololo69 October 24, 2011
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Some people believe Canada and Mexico are noobist colonies, however I strongly disagree.
by toxic540 August 13, 2005
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