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A showcase extension of hairstyles from the 1800's colonial era. Popularized by British royalty and the founding fathers of America the coloni-tail has heavily evolved from it's white wig Aristocratic origins. Picking up urban appeal on it's way the "tail fashion" the coloni-tail is historic, insighfult, yet ridiculous. The current rise in the coloni-tail has been attributed to Mel Gibson and Heath Ledgers' hair in the 2000 blockbuster movie the Patriot. A stereotypical coloni-tailer is in their mid-20's, delightfully unemployed, and loathes the idea of paying for a haircut.
Silk - "Omgz, r u like, I cannot believe it, u has a coloni-tail. Rick, is that a coloni-tail?"
Rick - For realz Silk, I am like so in love with the Patriot n Heathy Ledges is my favz.

Silk - Real talk
by Beardmanz July 01, 2009
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