a term used in britain to refer to an american person, derived from the british colonies in america.
Dumb: Hey, What nationality do you think those people are over there?

Dumber: They're colonials you dumb bastard.
by qwertyuiop737 February 25, 2009
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I went to Colony last night, it's the best pizza EVER.
by cbamember February 26, 2005
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A town on the north edge of Albany, New York, which includes Latham. Take Northway exits 2-6 to get there, or take Rt. 9 between Albany and Saratoga County. It borders Albany, Crescent, Watervliet, Loudonville, and all of America via the Albany International (not) Airport off exit 4.

South Colonie kids think there's a big rivalry between them and the north (Latham/ Shaker High) but the north is so far ahead of them they don't even notice the south, as they are too busy fighting Shenendehowa High in Clifton Park. It features Colonie Center Mall, which is a really good mall but can't compare to the nearby Crossgates in Albany. Latham Circle Mall is dying but their cinema has really comfortable seats.

Colonie also features a lot of good book stores. There is a Borders and a Barnes and Nobles right around the Colonie Center Mall (which has a Waldenbooks, which is also at Latham Circle) and somewhere in the middle is Flights of Fantasy, the best gaming bookstore I've ever been to. The Sanford library is also pretty big.

Don't forget Guitar Center of Wolf Road, I've never seen such a big music store.

When something says "On Wolf Road in Albany" it usually means "On Wolf Road in Colonie."
We're hanging out tonight on Wolf Road in Colonie.
by Adrian August 2, 2005
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A large community of beings living together (humans and rat and all) in perfect harmony. This many be in a huge house, country, or plot of land.

habitants are usually very cool. Unless their rodents!
Girl 1: look at that group of people!
Girl 2: it must be a Colony
by lealor February 6, 2015
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Exploitation of a dependent country or people for money and political gain. Tranfer of population to a new territory, where new arrivals live as permanent residents. It's a form of imperialism.
by justicethepoet December 13, 2016
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Colonie is right outside of Albany NY, bordered by Troy, Troylet, schenectady, about 2 hours from NYC. Use to be nice, now gettin' kinda shitty. North/South colonie are huge rivels bother in school and outside of school
Who rocks?
North colonie holla\1
by Steezy November 1, 2004
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A list of sexual moves with a Colonial them. Before performing any of these, one must say to his or her partner "Let me take you back to a time when things were more... civilized." Also know as The Colonial Times.
"I was laying in bed with Ben Reilly last night, and he said to me 'Let me take you back to a time when things were more civilized' and I just knew that I was going to get a Town Crier!"
"Colonial is my FAVORITE part of American history."
by Babyballs October 6, 2006
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