A man who hooks up with a lot of grenades.
He cooks the grenades until last second until which they explode, he lets them go.
This man rarely ever goes after anything but a grenade.
Cooking is his job, and cooking the grenades is what makes him happy.
Generally you'll find this man at night clubs or every corner you turn where grenades are found.
Look at The Chef go to work!
The Chef is cooking right now!
by aussy4sammy May 4, 2011
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n. a scrumptous Chef Boyardee boxed pizza item purchased for consumption at a Man Night event, particularly at Seth's house.
Anyone hungry? Let's make The Chef!
by Chris Boemler January 11, 2008
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British slang to describe someone getting shanked or knifed. Typically used by roadmen.
“Someone just got cheffed up”
“Oi pussy blud wanna get cheffed”
Naaaa word on the street is dat opps are packing skengs, let’s cut, don’t wanna get cheffed out here”
by Ricky420blazeit August 8, 2018
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The pimp-ass character in the South Park show played by Isaac Hayes. Always a ladies man because he can sing the pimp love songs
Suck on my chocolate salty balls. Put em in your mouth. Put em in your mouth and suck em.
by wong August 27, 2003
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If someone wants to chef someone up it means to stab them
Roadman: come to these streets again pussio u will get cheffed up.
Civilian: Sorry bro I just wanna go shops for ma nan
Roadman: Nah g shall I chef u up while I pipe ur nan
by Ass_kicker January 27, 2019
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a slang / roadman dialect term commonly used in London, especially south London, as a synonym for stab.
Roadman 1: Remember Darnell? Yeah, apprarently he's in jail
Roadman 2: Rahhh since when? Darnell's my guy, he'd never do anything wrong. I know it fam.
Roadman 1: Nah g, apparently pigs caught him tryna chef a man after some beef. They said he was bare vexed g, mad innit
Roadman 2: Can't believe it bro, that's crazy
by that_roadman May 14, 2019
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Logic. An urban synonym for shank, used to make a funnier term of how you stabbed or "cheffed" the person.
John: "Yo MJ, remember when we were cheffing up that nigga in Metropolis?"
Magic Johnson: "We cooked him bruh, it was funny. "
by Raymond X July 2, 2017
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