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British slang to describe someone getting shanked or knifed. Typically used by roadmen.
“Someone just got cheffed up”
“Oi pussy blud wanna get cheffed”
Naaaa word on the street is dat opps are packing skengs, let’s cut, don’t wanna get cheffed out here”
by Ricky420blazeit August 08, 2018
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british term for shanking someone or cutting them up. chefs use knives so the term cheffed comes from there
dan: man, jack just cheffed my arm so hard. call the ambulance

jay: what kind of knife did he use there? bloody deep cut mate!
by zzxy_ June 25, 2018
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To create erotic sensations in the phallus of another, through the ability of preparing food for consumption.
Dude, I was cooking last night and got Allie so cheffed last night.
by dinklebot May 07, 2015
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When a restaurant serves food in a needlessly complicated way to hide the fact you are getting a pretty looking meal that's overpriced and leaves you hungry.
I went to Gordon Ramsey's for dinner but the food was so cheffed that I was too broke to get something on the way home.
by bren361215 October 08, 2018
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Being high enough to be able to call yourself cooked, roasted, fried, baked, and toasted all at the same time. Giving the essence of a chef
Yo did you see John last night? He was so cheffed he tried to microwave leftovers in his mailbox!
by Notliam January 14, 2018
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Really, please fucking help. I cheffed and I don’t know what to do. There’s nothing I can do. Help, please.
by alquedaratatouilli August 02, 2019
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