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A once commonly used rappers phrase that has been stolen by Christian people that think they're cool. Usually followed by crunk, even though they don't know it's about getting high and drunk.
Jesus is in the ho-ouse. Raise the roof, we're going to get it crunk in here.
by wong August 27, 2003
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Someone who likes to buy an excess amount of shoes (big). has a special liking to big white ones.

Also someone who is very uncoordinated unco because he is wearing big shoes.

cant play table tennis

\Jack"y\, n.; pl. Jackies. Dim. or pet from Jack. Hence: (a) A landsman's nickname for a seaman, resented by the latter. (b) English gin. Dial. Eng.
by wong March 9, 2005
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Short for Jesus. Used by Christians who don't want to "use the Lord's name in vain" even though it's just as bad.
Geez I'm hungry. Better go to the potluck.
by wong August 27, 2003
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The pimp-ass character in the South Park show played by Isaac Hayes. Always a ladies man because he can sing the pimp love songs
Suck on my chocolate salty balls. Put em in your mouth. Put em in your mouth and suck em.
by wong August 27, 2003
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The condition in which your eyes are so red it looks like you just smoked a fat crack rock.
Your eyes are so cracked out they look like they're bleeding.
by wong August 26, 2003
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Dutch soccerteam. Football team home based in Rotterdam.

Famous for travelling and loyal fans. Famous all over Europe for their violent hooligan firms. OSSA , SCF, F|||R.

Hates 020.

Club of Blood sweat and tears!!!

Feyenoord Rotterdam , No Surrender
Oh my god, Feyenoord is coming to town,
save your beer and women!!!
by wong December 30, 2005
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