pl. "Metropolises"
1. A large and important city, usually the chief city in its region.
2. A famous 1927 silent science fiction film.
3. The fictional city where Superman lives.
4. The title of several songs by several bands.
1. Chicago, the metropolis of the midwest.
2. The film "Metropolis" is still praised today for its visual effects.
3. Superman saved Metropolis yet again. What a hero.
4. "Metropolis" by Motörhead
by ShAdOwZ March 17, 2009
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Pronounciation: Meh-trop-oll-is

The home of the DC Comics superhero, Superman. Also a real place (I would know, I live there) located in Illinois. Each year Metropolis hosts the Annual Superman Celebration, in which festivities consisting of Carnival Rides, Celebrity Appearances, and contests are held.

Fun fact: Metropolis's grocery store, Big John, has a statue that is bigger than the Superman Statue.

Metropolis is also home to the Hollywood Americana Museum, The Pony Strip Club, and Harrah's Casino.
Nerd: Hey Dad, can we please visit Metropolis on vacation this year?

Dad: Why would you want to go there, son? Metropolis is lame.

Nerd (now crying): How would you know?

Dad: I've been there.
by Metro Supergirl July 31, 2011
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The Amazing Concept of songs made By Dream Theater
Metropolis: Pt.1 (The Miracle And The Sleeper)
Metropolis: Pt.2 (Scenes From A Memory)
Metropolis: Pt.3 (Train Of Thought)
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
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The most awesome place to go shopping in Plainfield, Indiana.
It has places to eat, starbucks, a rave movie theater, hot topic, victoria's sectret, dick's, and much much more! Also known as Metro.
by amburrito January 29, 2011
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The slang term for the area around the Washington D.C- Baltimore area. Any where off of B-W parkway bewteen those two cities
"That kid is from down south somewhere."
"Yeah? Where?"
"Some where in metropolis."
by Conrad June 19, 2003
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A fictional city that is the primary setting on the Super Hero role playing web site Metropolitan Mayhem ( ). The web site describes it thusly:

"No, Superman doesn't live here. This is a completely different city. It has shining glass towers and seedy back alleys, just as you would expect, but recently it has been set apart by its growing population of Supers. It also has a reputation for housing strange wonders like mole people and underground catacombs. The more that flock to Metropolis, the more mayhem that ensues!"
"Metropolis is such an awesome city, what with all those awesome super heroes. I wish I lived there!"
by Tera-Watt March 17, 2009
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A house or residency in which the number of "boom cities" (see boom city)is equal to or greater than 3.
Friend: "Did all of you hook up last night?"
Duffy House Resident: "Yeah, the Duffy house was a Boom Metropolis."
by T-Mobes February 20, 2009
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