The act of giving it to a girl doggie style, pulling out, busting a load on her back, and having her turn around, swipe some cum with her hand, put it in her mouth, and swallow it.
I met this girl that is joining the peace corp at the bar last night. It was awesome. I took her back to my house and and gave her The Cheek on my roomate's bed.
by Alphonso432 April 19, 2008
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Being rejected by someone. Going in for a kiss when the person turns their head so you kiss their cheek instead.
Dude: Well, I guess I got the cheek.

Friend: That's cold, bro.

Chick: He cheeked me.

Friend: He doesn't know what he's missing.
by Etana C. March 11, 2013
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A term for a type of slow dance that that was popular during the 1940s and 1950s. Made famous by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

This dance is simple in itself. What makes it special is as you dance ever slowly your and the other persons facial cheeks never leave another.

Usually the music accompanying is old jazz or vocal jazz
"And for hawkeye cheek to cheek"
Amd the ladies of the camp giggled excessively at the thought of being that close to the daring surgeon
by Theamazinggeek January 13, 2018
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A response to cheeky/sarcastic remarks or behaviour by others. Usually used in jest.
*John looks at the F symbol on his physics paper in horror*
His friend nudges him and says, "All that hard work really paying off hey?"
John replies, "That's a cheek!"
by TADPOOL October 5, 2016
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When you’re telling someone some real ass shit and you need to let them know it’s for real. It also can be used in a question format.

cheeks referring to booty cheeks
On cheeks, she got herpes from that guy.

On cheeks, did he die in a car crash?
by Big ski May 16, 2019
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An Irish phrase meaning shit, derived from ass
(Not to be confused with the literal description of one's buttocks)
"Did you hear the song Aylek$ dropped?"
"Hardly. Her music is absolute cheeks."

"My boyfriend say LaFlame is cheeks."
"Tell your boyfriend I said it's his mixtape that's cheeks."
by thecartisan April 26, 2020
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Describes something fucked or really bad
Hey did u read that book
Yeah bro but it was cheeks
by Lilheg39 January 14, 2020
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