Store that comedian Demetri Martin is going to open. Expected to sell not ponchos, but perhaps the necessary materials to make them.
Yeah, "The Chasm." It's going to be like The Gap, but a _lot_ bigger.
by Vorian June 15, 2008
The group name of Harry Styles and his band, based upon their first name initials. (Claire, Harry, Adam, Sarah, Mitch).
Did you go to Harry’s concert last night? CHASM was amazing!
by mymainliampayne July 19, 2018
The process of smoking cannabis. Also known as a joint, spliff, bifter, zute and doobie.
Joe: What you doing after lunch?
Kane: Nothing man.
Joe: Wanna come for a chasm?
by Kempo May 10, 2006
Alex, stop riding that camel so hard. It's about to have a chasm.
by zoot alors July 14, 2015
Chasm is used to show that one is freaking out and can be used in the replacement of 'fuck'
"Chasm! I got that wrong!"
by sTiNkY-tHoT August 1, 2021
The seats left open between groups of people at movies, concerts, games, etc.
If everyone closed their courtesy chasms, we'd all be a lot closer to the stage.
by ZoëNicole August 24, 2009
(n.) the giant gulf between the sarcastic comment and the person who doesn't get it.
The sar-chasm between Tim and all of Jon's dry comments makes the Grand Canyon look like a crack in the sidewalk.
by grace_09 February 11, 2009