Will Champion is unquestionably the best drummer in the world. He is not only the drummer for Coldplay, the best band in the world, but is also the backup vocalist and plays various percussion on the tracks. When he plays, you know he is 100% dedicated. You can tell by the way he attacks the fucking drums. He provides the heartbeat, the backbone if you will, for the most amazing and awe-inspiring songs in the intergalactic universe. 'Nuff said.
Javier: Are you okay, Jessi?
Me:Oh Shit my fucking ears just exploded from the drumline coming off of "Such a Rush!" Shit, Will Champion blows my mind!
by Biggums Heffington January 8, 2012
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wow! did you see Chloes ass crack in math today? shes a champion alright..
by Sarahhhh March 7, 2006
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A person who has no life and has no reason to be living on this earth, but somehow still has girls going after him...
Champion was very rude to Anna today but Anna didn't care and kept talking to him.
by Squeebop February 19, 2017
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1: The act of stepping up to a challenge every time, and never failing, no matter what.
2: Being a champion in every little thing you do.
Girl 1 - "Wow, how does Jacob do it? He's always on top of everything and two steps ahead of everyone else."
Girl 2 - "Oh Jacob? He's just Championing all day long."
Girls 3 - "I'd bang him."
by theonesanch December 19, 2011
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Champion - word used by YouTube star Curtis Price to describe his loyal fan base.
You are a bunch of champions, you can do what ever you want to do, nothing is impossible, you are all loyal and brave.
by Svlogs432 May 31, 2019
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Mario Kart: Champion of Champions is a tournament involving two rounds of all 16 tracks, played by the inhabitants of 137 Old Finglas Road. 6 cans of Dutch Gold must be purchased for 5 pounds prior to the tournament starting and may be consumed while racing. Typical stunts pulled include fameassers, redners, mushies, and lightningers. The winner receives a ring which he will wear for the rest of the week until declaring Champion of Champions on again. He will typically ask the losing contestants to "look at my face".
Wow, Joey has been Mario Kart: Champion of Champions for almost 5 years now, no one can beat him!
by joeythegreat May 17, 2006
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