1: The act of stepping up to a challenge every time, and never failing, no matter what.
2: Being a champion in every little thing you do.
Girl 1 - "Wow, how does Jacob do it? He's always on top of everything and two steps ahead of everyone else."
Girl 2 - "Oh Jacob? He's just Championing all day long."
Girls 3 - "I'd bang him."
by theonesanch December 19, 2011
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To engross oneself entirely at a champion level, whereas a person becomes a champion in all respects. The state of being "championized" can come and go, however it usually lasts longer under the influence of alcohol.
After drinking three beers in 5 minutes Joe exclaimed, "I am championized."
by JSharkey September 28, 2006
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The disease/sickness of being good at everything, or always winning.
"Wow, we won again, I need to get rid of this championitis, so we can level the playing field."
by TheHonor August 5, 2009
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Subject: CHA-mP-ION

Unfathomable skill that no one else besides 7 men can withhold. You can spot a champion in the wild. If you spot someone uttering the word "champion" over and over again, that's a true champion right there. Unlimited strength and power, they carry the establishment for which they are apart of. Anyone who tries to test a champion will immediately be criticized and killed.
"Now that's a true champion right there"
by L0g October 2, 2019
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Aggreeance or affirmation.
Me: Let's get outta here.
You: Champion that.

Me: That girl is smokin' hot.
You: Champion that.
by Scotty March 12, 2004
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Someone who commits an act of the following: extreme courage, extreme awesomeness, or extreme stupidity; one who is worthy of positive recognition for such an act.

May be shortened to "champ".
"Did you hear about the guy who ate a stapler?"
"Man, that guy is such a champion."
by nmglover May 8, 2008
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A drink consisting of half sweet tea and half beer. A popular drink on a hot day in the south.
Hey, Michael. Do you know what would be a refreshing drink after that hot golf round? A Champion.
by Cstasila January 5, 2012
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