Name Origin:

Scandinavian descent
Generally means 'cheerful'
A Lover and a Fighter
True Gentleman/Romantic
That Tait dude aint playing...

Dont push him

Otherwise he'll turn into Tate
You can take that to the Bank!
by FF4REAL December 26, 2011
Tait is commonly misspelled like Tate, Tayt, Tayte, Taet, or even Tiat! like where the heck do they even get tiat from!? but anyways Tait is a cute, funny, talented person probably in they're early 20s. many people are shocked of the amount of cool things tait knows how to do. tait never fits in though nobody understands. tait usually just ends up under a blanket watching Netflix for nine days straight before giving life another chance, but then other people just dig tait a deeper and deeper hole to fall into. some people even thinks that tait has an easy life so they never give tait a break but the thing they don't realize is that for tait words cut deeper than a knife. but if tait tries to explain they will laugh and make fun of Taits worst insecurities.
person A: hey what do you think of tait?
person B: oh Taits cute but seems stupid and weak, lets go beat tait up and make up some excuse so it seems legit.

person A: great idea it will make us so cool.
by cozylama6996 August 29, 2020
Speedo Torpedo, Taitor Tot, an immature boy who wears a speedo
by GRSR June 18, 2008
A stunningly beautiful girl. Shes very nice but can be mean when she wants to. Ans she gets very horny so give her lost of attention when u are with her
Tait is also very lazy at times.
by Red_savage July 31, 2018
A ballsack, or just a pure cunt that everyone wants to egg his car
by Mr perfectpenis August 21, 2018