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Name Origin:

Scandinavian descent
Generally means 'cheerful'
A Lover and a Fighter
True Gentleman/Romantic
That Tait dude aint playing...

Dont push him

Otherwise he'll turn into Tate
You can take that to the Bank!
by FF4REAL December 26, 2010
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a person or object that drives chinese looking spanish people insane with lust
shes such a tait

hey is that kid spanish or chinese...i dont know but that girl he likes is a real tait
by ryan nagle September 26, 2006
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Thank Allah It's Thursday, the Muslim world equivalent of TGIF. In the Muslim world, Friday is the first day of the weekend and thus Thursday is the last day of the work week.
This has been a really painful week, it feels like a month since last weekend.

I know man, but TAIT.
by guessd August 01, 2012
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A stunningly beautiful girl. Shes very nice but can be mean when she wants to. Ans she gets very horny so give her lost of attention when u are with her
Tait is also very lazy at times.
by Red_savage July 31, 2018
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