When a man gathers his Best bros and gathers all the stuff an ex-Girlfriend gave him and they have a ceremonial burning. Usually while this happens you tell manly stories or talk about manly topics or talk about girls.
Guy 1: Hey tonight we are having the burning
Guy 2: Who's stuff we burning?
Guy 1: Oh just my ex-girlfriends.
by Chaud Blaze June 02, 2011
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Burn Burn is the first single from Start Something, the second album from the Welsh rock band lostprophets.

Track listing

C.D. 1
Burn Burn
Our Broken Hearts (demo)
Like A Fire (demo)

C.D. 2
Burn Burn
Lucky You
Push Out The Jive, Bring In The Love (demo)

Burn Burn
Our Broken Hearts (demo)


from the album: Start Something
Released: 3rd November 2003 (U.K)
Format: CD
Genre: Alternative metal
Length: 3:36
Label: Columbia Records / Visible Noise
Producer(s): Eric Valentine

Chart positions
17 (U.K)
Burn Burn is the first single of the seond album 'start something'
by Scarer August 11, 2006
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Street slang for the the city of Melbourne in Victoria.
Check out this bustling laneway! This is exactly why I love living in The Burn.
by cyril please August 31, 2010
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An exclamation upon seeing something awful. The image is painfully seared into your retina like an acid burn.
Person A: Hey, check out this site called goatse. I promise it's not a rickroll.
Person B: What is that... AUGH, my eyes! It burns!
by Frankie1969 April 10, 2008
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(1) slang: to disrespect someone (to diss); to make fun of someone; used by a third party after a first party makes fun of a second party. Brought back to life by the ever-popular That 70's Show.

(2) slang: to smoke marijuana or any other drug used with fire, to get high. see burn out

(3) verb: to char or scorch something using fire
(1) Child: "Mom, did people really use the word 'BURN!' in the 70's?"
Mother: "No."
Child: Oh, BURN!

(2) Stoner 1: Man, are we gonna get burnt out today?
Stoner 2: I don't know, it isn't 420

(3) Tony watched the logs burn in the fire.
by THE ALL KNOWING AMY May 05, 2004
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