Famous building in Los Angeles, California, specifically the Chiarat-Day Building, shaped to resemble a pair of binoculars. No kidding, this actually does exist!
Fred, let's take a shortcut around The Binoculars, and then we'll go to the Strip.
by pentozali June 26, 2006
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the art of spying, binocular watching
" I went out to the beach today to do some binocularing "
by John E Carter July 20, 2007
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The best tool for spying on your neighbors.

Ever since that hot chick moved in next door, my eyes have not left my binoculars. Oh shit she saw me!
by Zegeroth September 25, 2007
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When something is eye-openingly outrageous or worth noticing...
Damn dude...did you see that new DAIM graffiti book? That stuff is binoculars!
by Swayzee July 13, 2005
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British term for eyeglasses.
Hyacinth:"Richard please put on your binoculars so you can read the road signs."
by Speedyg18 April 6, 2009
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Heard in reggae, used in a threatening way: "We have you under heavy binocular..." meaning "we have you under surveillance." Also pronounced in a very different way, bi-nock-you-LAR.
"Man, that same van pulls up and parks across the street every day. I think they have us under heavy binocular."
by Numb-A-Sys December 6, 2013
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noun. a sexual fetish which refers to the act of a couple scratching each other's arm to cause a wild sense of pain. This is widely practiced in upstate New York, especially in the 45 miles radius around Rochester.

Origin: American popular sex columnist Michael H. Gu coined this word during his speech at University of Rochester.
Adam: Hey Steve, we are going get high and binocular each other.

Steve: Yea, back and forth, forever.
by Adam N. Steve May 26, 2013
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