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Although located in what many would consider the armpit of America, the University of Rochester is an institution of higher learning held in surprisingly high regard both internationally and domestically. Internationally, according to the Times of London, the University of Rochester ranks 73 substantially ahead of many well reputed schools including Dartmouth and admittedly below many of the world's most renowned schools. Domestically, according to US News, the University of Rochester fluctuates in the low 30's and high 20's. Its large endowment and excellent research opportunities make the University of Rochester an excellent stepping stone for future admissions into graduate school. Overall, Rochester is a great place to obtain an education but not such a great place to have a social life.
Its fucking freezing and I'm miserable, thank god I busted my ass in high school to get a 1450 on the SAT and a 4.0 GPA so that I could come to the University of Rochester!
by lasers November 15, 2005
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Founded in a frozen section of Hell during a blood ritual in 1850, the University of Rochester was born from the womb of Satan. It has festered and swollen ever since.
All jokes (sort of) aside, it is a lesser known, yet prominent school in "upstate" New York within the city of Rochester, known for Xerox, Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, and Genny Cream Ale. Though the population of the school is indeed bright, they lack almost all social skills, as can be seen by the half filled sidewalks of the only good bar district (Alexander Street) on Thursday through Saturday night.
Fighting back against campus authority, the Fraternity quad still stands, though slowly losing ground as more and more socially inept student groups take over their houses during times of probation. Though that would seem to kill off any sort of social atmosphere there may be on campus, it just tends to move students towards smaller groups of alcoholics who either stay in their rooms with their bottles of Mohawk, or venture across the bridge to the frat and other parties off campus where security can't bust them.
Aside from the few good points of campus (cheap alcohol and good academics) the school is plagued with many shortcomings. These being : shitty food, shitty food service workers, janitors that don't do their job, campus security that would rather protect you from yourself when you're drinking than from the person stealing your TV while you're being written up, campus parking that will boot your car on move in day outside your building, as well as 6 months of no sun during the winter.
With a strong Engineering school, namely their Optical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering fields, as well as good psychology, political science and computer science, most students seem to, strangely, gravitate towards the easier majors of Math, Economics or English after a year or two of hard classes. It doesn't matter much anyway, though, since many students go into some sort of graduate school or get a job not in thier field anyway.
30 racks of Keystone can be found for $13 at Wegman's and a garbage plate is always a good way to finish the night off.
Wear lots of layers or drink lots of whiskey, cause you're gonna need something to warm you up.

University of Rochester parking is actually Hell spawn called upon through the sacrifice of those sent to the hospital for "intoxication". Daemons have to eat, too, you know.
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An entity or person that engages in the practice of reverse-prostitution; ie: fuckin' you AND taking your money.
'That girl last night pulled a University of Rochester on me.'
by Duke Hugh Jazz October 12, 2008
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An organization that systematically fucks you while slowly poisoning you for four year from exposure to water from the genesee.
by UR Slave November 15, 2004
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