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The Afterlife is, in a logical point of view, a(n) imaginary place. If The Afterlife is real, it would be a(n) inevitable, commonly active force in our universe or, if true, our MULTI-verse that reacts to the once living but recently dead force resonating in the corpse(s) of one, many, most, or ALL creatures. Once that Commonly Active Force reacts to a corpse:

1. Like how we civilians recycle, WE in general could be recycled or reincarnated, as the same species or a different one. And that reincarnation can take place in our world, or a different one, or from one to the other.
2. That corpses force could be revived in a parallel universe as the same person but in a different timeline, if there is one.
I know my parents will live on, because they'll be going to The Afterlife.
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU October 21, 2019
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