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DF LITERALLY MEANS "Duh Fuk"... I have nothing else to say about it, simple and easy.
"What DF is this?"
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU October 11, 2019

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Destiny Reap is when you're destined to ra-I-I mean "dominate" a woman(that doesn't like you but you like her) during a war, a school fight, etc.
YOU : Where's my friend?
HIM : Your friend and I had a Destiny Reep back their, if you know what I mean ;).
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU October 11, 2019

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It defines a person as a little misfit that acts young, regrets life too quickly regardless if he/she had potential or not, and is yet possibly beloved by a decent group of friends that want this person to live on and realize how pointless it is to crave death. If anyone tells you to end their misery, screw that! It's better to either help them or leave them.

This word is a combination of two words:
-Con, one of two common words used to describe the good(Pros) and bad(Cons) of things. It is also used to describe the assumed Disadvantage(s) of people.
-Misfit, One that's not like the other(s).
"Come on! We still care for you, there's no point being the Consfit of the group!"

"We will always be by your side ;)."
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU December 03, 2019

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Meaning You Are A Mother Fucker.
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU October 24, 2019

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Urbansy it's a combination of both Urban(as in the Dictionary or it's website) and Emergency. It is also a word that's used for you to ask another person that you don't remember a definition for a word and need to use the Urban Dictionary for help.
"Help! It's a(n) Urbansy! I don't know what sex is, help!"
#This is not Sponsored
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU October 22, 2019

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A combination of Require(or Acquire) + Probable. When you "might", "maybe", or will probably need something as a requirement.
This item in stock is Quirable. Nice!
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU October 09, 2019

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A word that comes from people mishearing the word, Pianist. It was also known to be seen in one of the episodes of the

show, "Animaniacs". Instead of playing the piano you play with a PEEEEENI---(Gets Demonitized)!
Boy: What are you doing?!
Dad: Being a Peenist~~;)
by K-WILL-SUE-YOU October 22, 2019

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