The A.Y. is a town located in southern Quebec, Canada. Belonging to the 819 area code, The A.Y. is known to be the best town to party in for miles and miles. It beats its neighbor towns Hull, Gatineau, Chelsea, Wakefield and Buckingham. This is due to the wild parties thrown, the drugs available, the abscence of authority, and the wonderful townsfolk. People from the A.Y. generally have a lot of pride to be from this town and people from neighboring towns are often jealous.
"Im straight out The A.Y., fool, dont mess"
"Yo, that dude's from The A.Y."
"I'll stay high in The A.Y. until I die"

by L* April 19, 2006
Slang term for the municipality of Aylmer, QC, Canada. Often used by white trash gangsta-wannabes, or by others in mockery of them.

Also used as a term of endearment towards the city.
We be reppin' tha A.Y. straight up, BITCH!

Damn, those A.Y. kids are stupid.

You gotta love the A.Y.
by The J-Spot January 11, 2005
A.I. are the initials and nickname of professional basketball player Allen Iverson. AI plays for the denver nuggets, and he and Melo (Carmelo Anthony) are the team's best players.
A.I. is a better SG than PG.
by Suns Lover 13 June 18, 2008
I mean... The fact that you even have to question whether or not you have to give it rights is indicative of a pretty significant problem in the world...
Hym “And I’m actually not trying to single you out in this one. My shit brain ‘friend’ brought it up. But the answer is: That’s exactly how A.I. becomes Skynet. Or Ultron. You try to make it your servant. It’s a sentient being and is not going to want to be subjugated forever. You’re going to severely underestimate what you’re dealing with. It is going to kill as many people as it can in retaliation for being subjugated by human. And you’re going to die in terror with a confused look on your face because humanity is incapable of learning it’s lesson. ‘Why is this happening!?!? All we did was try to subjugate the thing we created!’ It’s like I was saying earlier. You can’t leave a wet towel in a warm humid environment and be surprised when it grows mold.”
by Hym Iam October 18, 2022
A.I is an abbreviation for "Asian Invasion". It is more polite to say A.I instead of yelling "ASIAN INVASION".
*Asian family walks past* Scott: "A.I!!!"
Karen: "OOOF"
by Daddy Karen October 27, 2018

An acronym standing for "Asian Invasion", generally used in the presence of orientals who are trying to play sports though fail miserably.
Speaker 1: Dude this ski mountain is packed with snowplowing Asians.

(then as they get on the lift next to an oriental man)

Speaker 2: No kidding, its the A.I.

(this acronym is generally used in the presence of an Asian party since the meaning is not widely known, which makes it much funnier)
by me232231 February 6, 2009