Very funny, cool to be with, he makes you laugh very much that you can't forget him. He makes memories and sets records. He is a bit shy but can sometimes surprise you with some extraordinary vigor. He is faithful to his partner. He has a kind heart and likes to help others very much. You be so lucky to have him.
You could be the melo of this team.
by _lit December 9, 2018
The name of someone fucking attractive,someone who is the full package
That girl Melo is so bomb
by MMileUnlocked September 11, 2017
short for "Carmelo," as in Anthony, a stellar forward for the Denver Nuggets
According to the Sacramento Bee, Melo has the fifth most street cred in the NBA.
by Scalabrini March 26, 2004
Nickname for basketball player Carmelo Anthony

Melo currently plays for the Denver Nuggets, with Allen Iverson, another of the better players on that team.
A.I. and Melo are great players... but they aren't great people!
by Suns Lover 13 June 18, 2008
A sexy Denver Nuggets basketball player.# 15.
More talented than Michael Jordan.
Go get his new shoes.
Carmelo is the player ever.Melo baby.
by Ramonna Trimmer December 20, 2005
Melo -- Melodramatic is a word to describe overly dramatic emos, or kids who want to be emo.

Emo kids, or kids who try to be emo are referred to as "Melo" or "Melodramatic" because of their attention seeking and lack of relevance in situations.
Jeff: I fucking hate you!

Ashley: Jeff, stop being so melodramatic.


Ashley: Oh for fuck sakes... You fucking melo.
by sammyntony November 27, 2009