QC stands for "quality control" when referring to the description of someone's appearance. If someone is referred to as being QC they average a rating of 7 and above however anything below QC ranges from being average to very unattractive (6-1). To say you're going to move QC implies that you will only make advances to someone who's attractiveness equates to a 7 or above. On the other hand moving non-QC suggest you have low standards as you seem to entertain/make advances to people who are unattractive.
Topz is a scum he always moves non-QC tings
by RG5INCO May 1, 2022
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Short for "quality content." Exclusively used online, especially in the context of shitposting
ALICE: posts a collage of thousands of pictures of Ewan McGregor's head making up a single larger image of Ewan McGregor's head

by BCSWowbagger December 13, 2018
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abreviation for the province of Quebec
by jac212212 January 25, 2009
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QC = Quality Check or Quality Control

Essentially, a QC'er (senior / experienced staff member) is double checking to see if the entire scanlation is up to their quality standards. A few of the items that they're checking involve:
- Translation accuracy (might involve jargon / history research) & uniformity of translations across the whole story (some groups have different translators translate things differently).
- RAW pages were edited properly (redraw split pages, no smudges, proper B&W saturation, etc.)
- Text properly typeset & uniform font.

So once a chapter has been QC'ed, then it's ready for release. A thing to note is that many speed subbers / scanlators don't QC as well or at all, in order to release their work earlier.

There's also QC'ing and QC'ed.
This manga chapter has been QC'ed.
by lorrnae February 18, 2010
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Do you read QC?

yeah I do! you must be a nerd like me!
by DeltaRoo September 23, 2008
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Q.C.-Queen Cunt- A female in a work place that thinks that she owns the world, most commonly a QC will get everywhere that she goes by escort of one of her puppy dogs or more commonly known as a "Minion". The only forseeable way that caused the rise to power was by use of Tits Ass and Pussy. the QC is well known by the work staff and to some is a god, to others she is a cum dumpster and has about as much personality as a dried up piece of dog shit.
dude 1- Wow dude Michelle is a Real QC! look at how she is getting drove around by a minion because she dont have a licence!

Dude 2- Yeah I know, I dont see how she still has a job here!
by Jrock224 March 6, 2010
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