Carmelo Anthony is a professional basketball player on the Denver Nuggets of the NBA. He was drafted with 3rd pick in the 2003 nba draft after winning a championship in Syracuse. He has had two signature shoes: the Nike Jordan Carmelo 1.5 and Air Jordan Carmelo 5.5. He LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are considered the bright future stars of the NBA.
Carmelo Anthony just scored 45 on the sixers.
by Coryblount August 21, 2006
NBA power forward for the Denver Nuggets. Was the 3rd overall pick in the NBA Draft, which also boasted such stars as now-teammates Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. He is often just referred to as "Melo" by fans and sportscasters. Melo is consistently one of the top scorers in the league, usually averaging around 28 points per game.

In an incident which landed him with a 15 game suspension, Carmelo sucker-punched Mardy Collins of the New York Knicks after then-coach Isiah Thomas encouraged his team to foul hard due to his perception of the Denver Nuggets running up the score late in the game. Because of the suspension, Denver traded for guard Allen Iverson, and then subsequently had two of the highest scorers in the league on one team. The move ultimately did not work out and resulted in the trade of Iverson for Chauncy Billups.

Melo was then seen in the league as a bully and a thug, furthering the thuggish bad boy image of the Denver Nuggets.

He is on Team Jordan where he has numerous shoe and clothing lines. He also won a national championship at Syracuse University his freshman year, which has lead many to believe he has the ability to do the same on the professional stage.
Carmelo Anthony is one bad mo fo.
by Woobers July 23, 2010
Very talented, but reputedly lazy NBA forward for the New York Knicks. Polished, effortless scorer that keeps a level head in high stakes games, but frequently only shows up on the offensive end of the floor. Flashed his full potential during the 08-09 playoffs, but isn't always inclined to use it. Blew up what had the makings of a tough, talented team in the Nuggets with Billups with his demands to join the Knicks (which has a reputation for questionable decisions). Will have to find a way to tailor his game to Mike D'Antoni's all-offense playbook, which hasn't gotten anyone to NBA title yet. On-the-floor-gifts suggest hall-of-fame potential, but may not be mixed with the work ethic needed to fully use them.
Carmelo Anthony looked like he'd eaten to many marshmallows before the game he was late to, but still dropped 42-15 plus a game winner on Dirk Nowitski in the game.
by XCellente July 29, 2011
A Professional Basketball Player for the New York Knicks who is impossible to stop, he spits fire. He is FIRE
Carmelo Anthony is lighting up the Miami Heat
by PTK28 April 4, 2013
Carmelo Anthony is a 34 year-old trash can. Makes close to 30 Million for doing absolutely nothing. He thinks that he is the shit even though it's been 7 years since he was cool. He refused to play on the bench and is the biggest ball hog in the world. Houston Rockets fans think Russell Westbrook is to blame for Melo sucking, but everyone will be clowning them by December.
Houston Rockets Fans: No way Carmelo Anthony is on our team he's going to score 20 for us it's all Westbrook's fault!

Everyone Else: Carmelo Sucks


Houston Rockets Fans: Why did we sign Melo he's so garbage.

Everyone Else: Dumbasses.
by xX__bob_saget__Xx July 23, 2018
American basketball player for the NBA's New York Knicks. Born May 29, 1984 in Brooklyn, NY. Widely considered by anyone who isn't a complete retard to be the most overrated athlete in the history of ANY sport. Ever. Fool's gold. Plays defense like France did in WW2. Scores 25ppg, yet is directly responsible for other team scoring 50ppg. Only player in league history who can lead league in scoring yet make his team significantly worse. Is to NBA as Donald Trump is to the business world. Lazy, slovenly, self-serving; the perfect Knick. Would need to average 20 assists per game and give entire salary to homeless for next 10 years to be elevated to the status of merely selfish.
Billy: "Man, I gave Shaniqua $5 to buy a scratch off and she won $5000. Not only did she not give me any, she didn't even pay me back my $5!"

Johnny: "Dude, she really Carmelo Anthony'd you on that deal."
by jokeinthebox April 25, 2011
The most overrated player in the NBA, taking a fade-away on every shot including a free throw shot.

Shooting an air ball.
Brendan "Look at Cappe take that shot"

Ross "Watch, he's going to Carmelo Anthony it."
by BeastFromTheEast February 13, 2007