This is new Thug slang. This is the sign to call off an event, or that nothing is going to happen. It is actually derived from the Indo-European Germanic word, Nein, which which means No or Not.
"Give it the 9s"

"I'll call the off the 3's, bring in the 9s"
by Bryan3s October 25, 2005
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A way to describe how you do something. Used to describe something if you do it all the way or you do it well.
She played that Rugby game to the 9s. She was a tank.
by lil' dreamer July 19, 2011
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When you have at least three 9s and/or 10s in your hand while playing Euchre. If you are playing the game with the "9s and 10s" rule, you can then exchange the three 9s and 10s for the three bottom cards in the kitty. This is done in clockwise order from the dealer.
Player #1: Pass.
Player #2: 9s and 10s
Player #3: Awww, I wanted 9s and 10s
Player #2: Yeah, well that sucks for you now doesn't it?
Dealer: Here's the kitty.
Player #2: Are you serious? I just got 9s and 10s back.
Player #3: Lol
by Fitzman June 7, 2009
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Attractive women.

Basically, the ones that are rated 9 or 10 in a scale of 0-10
#1 : Have you ever dated 9s and 10s ?
#2 : Look at me, man. I don't stand a chance.
#1 : Understandable.
by Gpgp2k15 July 12, 2021
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Slang, as referenced by the song "6s to 9s" by Big Wild ft. Rationale, meaning to turn someone's world upside down.
Sam: She turned my world upside down.
Alex: Oh you mean she changed your 6s to 9s?
by Thheat28 April 3, 2021
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Where you can buy 40oz st. dies and 9mm ammo. Like a 7 and 11 convenient store. Used in "Don't Be A Menace To South Central" movie.
by samiam6977 October 16, 2011
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Secret Anti-Gang civilisation, with a secret leader, verified by the Gov and the MetPolice, still no more details, but they have a leader, seemingly born on The 9 January.
The 9s gang took down another gang
by Part of the Nines (9s Gang) December 10, 2021
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