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She's a beautiful person on the inside and out, she's sexy and thick af. Thato has a very joyful personality. She's funny and smart but she's won't hesitate to tell you the truth. She has no filter whatsoever but no doubt she is the littest person you'll ever meet. Ohh and did I mention she's thick af.
GUY #1: Dude what do you think of Thato?
GUY #2: Fuck bruh, she's sexy af!
GUY #1: I know right, she's so fuckin thick!
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The sexiest man alive!! He is an epic beauty and a chick magnet. He has got a good personality and the epitome of how a teenage boy should look.
Woah, That guy is good looking and pulls bitches. He is quite the Thato
by uglyboi April 21, 2018
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