a polite way of ending or starting a sentence in filipino
salamat gago
Gago ang sarap
(it tastes good)
by BoiKantot64 November 20, 2016
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A filipino slang for stupid or being an asshole.
Gago! Gago! Gago! (Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!)
by Shintaro Go April 03, 2004
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An ancient, obsolete term for the head of the penis.
Kinagat ng babaylan ang gago ng datu.
by Fernando Gago March 27, 2007
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Gago is a word that means "handsome". It is mostly a compliment here.
"You are very gago."

"He is gago."
by UrsTrulyLii September 10, 2019
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