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Popularized by the youtuber SoLLUMINATI it can be used to describe variety of things that are either really good or really bad.
He called my mans a school shooter? That's Tuff.

My mans pulled up in a new i8 ... THATS TUFF!
by Vro-- November 06, 2017
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Pronounced as "That's Tough." This term is used when something bad or good happens. Usually used as a bad term.
Person #1: Shut the fuck up.
Person #2: Who the fuck are you talkin' to with your dumb-dumb, crusty bread, oragantan lookin' self.

Person #3: That's tuff
by idc_lol October 07, 2018
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a way to say something is good or bad. normally used as a generic term to piss someone off when someone roasts the hell out of them.
by Krexlmao February 03, 2018
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A saying you reply with when you really don’t care about the conversation you’re participating in. Can also be used when something or someone is going through some hard times (just say you mean it)
Female: Omg you’re so cute!
Male:Uh thanks I guess
Female:I got a boyfriend tho, but you can wait until we’re over?
Male:Damn thats tuff
by AshTray1 June 07, 2019
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A word to describe someone saying BOLD things.
"He said he is going to beat me up when he catch me. That's tuff"
by Keyari T April 23, 2018
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