Aka "The Hinton Bear", "Hinhin".
A mythical bear, enormous in size, thought to scour the city of London. There have been a few cases of people supposedly hearing the Hinton's roar, and even one case mauled - However there have been many disappearances throughout London rumoured to have been caused by the Hinton.
OMFG - Look over there! Its the hinton! Oh noesss he's coming our way!
by OinksALot December 1, 2009
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A small town located 45 minutes east of Jasper, Alberta. Hinton has a pulp mill that smells like old broccoli across the road from the High School, Local 7-11, and the Rec. Center. Very boring town unless you're into outdoorsy things such as quading, sledding, hiking, fishing, camping, etc. Very beautiful scenery. Now has lots of rigs around it.
Let's take a trip to Hinton so we're closer to the National Parks!
by erikant March 13, 2009
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A beautiful black goddess who is good at the booty drop, and is typically a husky person.
by bitchezszd August 25, 2008
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In my opinion, one of the worst towns ever . I mean , some people think it's great , but then again I don't . It has a stinky ass pulp mill that smells like old broccoli and across from that there is fantastic 7-11, Harry Collinge Highschool , and the Recreation Center .
There's really nothing to do here , but okay have fun if you like .
Even though tourists act like it's fucking fantastical when they come here .
Tourist 1: Hey ! Have you went to Hinton ? It's so nice there !
Tourist 2: Yeah it's so nice there !
Resident 1: . . Tourists . .
by Acequia November 10, 2012
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Followers of the 6th period who are rich bitches who get money and hoes
Our religion is hintonism
by ThatOneTeacher April 6, 2021
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A kind caring male who is willing to do anything for the people they love
Abbie: oh look, it's Will Hinton
Honey: I love him so much, he's the perfectest guy ever!!!
by Pish666 November 3, 2014
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