(Phrase) The only thing you can say when something so audacious happens that you have no response beyond iterating that the event occurred in the first place.
Person 1: I just got a tattoo of Justin Bieber on my ass

Person 2: I... Uhhhh... That just happened.
by PJ the Coug February 10, 2016
An expression of indifferent surprise. Made popular by Will Ferrell's character in Talladega Nights using the phrase to describe "shake n' bake" to a rival.
"Hey look, I just got an A on my World History test."
"That just happened."
by CTangent May 10, 2008
1.A phrase used to express and reassure that some unbelievable event has happened.

2. A phrase used to go along with an insult that magnifies the power of the insult.
1. Guy #1: Hey wrud?

Guy #2:nm u?

(guy #1 is ran over by a horse)

Guy #2: (while pointing and laughing) Bamm, That Just Happened!!!

2. Boy: u wanna go out?

Girl: no, ur stupid

Boy: so's ur face! Bamm! That just happened!
by BD4PRES2032 October 21, 2009
An extraordinary event. Like Brazil losing 7:1 in a world cup semi, in Brazil.
Alan Hansen "I've never seen anything like it, ever..."
Gary Linker " wtf just happened!?"
by 0basement July 10, 2014
A phrase used to show puzzlement over an occurrence. Oftentimes in the show South Park it is spoken by a character after they have seen a parody of something commonplace in our society. In such instances it often draws attention to how out of the ordinary accepted actions can be.
*group of punk-kids walk and perform a complicated street dance*

Punk: "You just got served!"

Stan: "What the hell just happened?"
by Punman August 6, 2009
Phrase used when an unbelievable, absolute bullshit story is posted online, usually pushing a racial/political message.
"Omg I'm so humbled right now. A young lady just walked up to the counter and ordered two Big Macs, and the cashier laughed and said, "Are you sure you can eat all that? Hahaha." My two-week-old child then walked to the counter, stood up, and proceeded to tell the cashier that what he said was exist and he is the reason that Donald Trump is tearing America apart. Then the whole restaurant stood up and clapped."

"Well that just happened."
by Probablynothitler August 10, 2017