10 definitions by PJ the Coug

(Noun) The phenomenon of being sufficiently intoxicated that the house cover band at the bar/casino actually sounds good.
Man, Tyler was so drunk last night he actually started dancing to "Brass in Pocket" by the cover band. That boy was wearing some serious Beer Headphones.
by PJ the Coug January 07, 2017
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N. The period of time after the baby comes, but before you return to work, but you've used up all the baby shower gifts and gift cards.
Brenda experienced a postpartum recession about two months after Tiffanique was born. It was time to get back to work serving lattes at the BuzzBrain Drive-thru.
by PJ the Coug November 19, 2016
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(Noun) A vegetarian with commitment issues. An herbivore is a vegetarian. An omnivore eats anything. A somenivore eats mostly vegetables until he or she is overwhelmed by the smell of grilling meat.
Before you decide how much meat to buy, find out if Trevor's vegetarian today. He's kind of a somenivore.
by PJ the Coug January 24, 2017
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(N) Word used to describe a person with so much egotism that he/she cannot admit he/she made even the simplest of mistakes.
"Kevin fell asleep playing online last night. He just said he was 'afk' for four hours. He's got a lot of covfefe."
by PJ the Coug May 31, 2017
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(Noun) A nickname for the charges one receives when behaving in similar fashion to the 45th President.
Man, Howard got a Drumpf and Disorderly for groping Lisa last week.
by PJ the Coug January 24, 2017
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(Adj.) A word used to describe American voter who wanted to "make America great again," but is startled to discover that their free medical care is being eliminated, well their wealthy employer gets a tax break.
Tim was drumpfounded to discover that "making America great" meant he no longer had medical, nor could he get it from his cheapskate employer.
by PJ the Coug January 16, 2017
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(Noun) Those miniature (perfect for tiny hands) drumstick-looking chicken wing parts that come with your order of hot wings.
Awwwwww, man! Almost this entire order is Drumpfsticks! They look promising, but never really pay off.
by PJ the Coug February 03, 2017
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