A person subjected to execution by use of the electric chair.
The next guy in line on Death Row is soon to be Texas Toast.

Guy 1: "Did you hear about that murderer?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, convicted. He's Texas Toast now!"
by dexi March 1, 2010
When a big fat man takes a shit on a woman's face and steps on it, and shouts TEXAS TOAST!
by MayoSalPhil September 8, 2009
When you make your girlfriend breakfast in bed, but instead of buttering the toast you spread a healthy layer of jizzum on it.
My girlfriend made me watch a crappy chickflick last night, so this morning I made her Texas Toast.
by ElRae August 15, 2011
When you eat a girls asshole out while she is on her period.
by toastmaster2 October 23, 2006
when a bunch of guys bust on a piece of toast and who ever has the smallest load has to eat the toast
we played texas toast last night it sucked
by stephen November 9, 2004
When you and your gf are doing cowgirl and she pulls out a toaster and launches toast from the toaster into your butthole
Chet: Me and melissa did the texas toast last night it was grimy af
by Weenus penis September 25, 2018
A sex move, when your partner takes a shit in your vagina and then fucks it.
Dude, Debra let me give her Sloppy Texas Toast. It was wild!
by Ginger Cat Attack September 25, 2019