When one or both of your testicals suffer a serious trauma.
I suffered a testicality when a soccer ball hit me right in the balls.
by itscnnr August 28, 2021
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1.A man's origin and source of supreme power
2.Superman is to sun, and man is to testicals, yet it is as superman is to kryptonite as man is to testicals
3.A man's power and weakness
4.Ball's of nerves, very sensitive to the touch, very agrivating to the tap, very nausiating to the punch, and death to whoever kicks them.
First guy:Wow! Jerry got premoted.

Second guy: The guy must have some pretty strong testicals. (balls)

by Matthew Quick November 10, 2007
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A testical is the part of the males body that stores the pee. Sometimes they will sag and become wrinkly. If you’re lucky enough your girl will give them a suck suck
My Testicals are Sagging
by HickySticks November 5, 2019
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