Your not jealous your territorial protecting what's yours
I'm not jealous I'm territorial protecting what's mine
by Anonymous_10000 February 2, 2016
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a very big place for wealth-starter person
The big trick of Fred, at hand, was the territory of him that has been bought near bey here, near the time just he has become any rich.
by man!? July 7, 2017
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A drinking game in which a 25 cup diamond (5 cups wide) is placed in the middle of a table. Teams of up to three compete using three ping pong balls to eliminate the opposing teams territory by shooting the balls into the 10 cup triangle opposite the middle five cups, called borderline. The row called borderline are the only five cups not filled with beer, they are filled normally with water or soda. When you make a borderline cup, you have the option to either take an additional shot, or add that cup to your territory causing the other team to have another cup to make.
by alyssa&kate August 10, 2008
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A person who is overly emotional, a tad bit psycho, and has to get laid before their ex gets laid.
I like him but I dunno he seems kinda territorial.
by skubb April 17, 2011
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The act of coitus motivated by jealousy and a desire to reassert sexual ownership through aggressive love-making.
Julie "How did that nude photo shoot go on Saturday?"

Candace "It went great, but my boyfriend was there and got insanely jealous."

Julie "That must have been awkward."

Candace "Yeah he got so crazy that when we got home he territory fucked me so hard that I couldn't walk straight."

Julie "Territory fucked?"

Candace "Yeah, he said he had to get his scent all over me so everyone in the future would know that that I belonged to him. I wish he hadn't ejaculated in my eyes though."
by Kevolutionary August 22, 2011
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The 7000s range in VR.

In Mario Kart Wii, your skill is tracked by VR, points you lose or gain depending on your position at the end of a race when playing online. Being in the 7000s is Nmeade Territory according to TWD98 and Nmeade5, two prominent Mario Kart Wii players, due to Nmeade5 having been in that range for awhile in the past.
Me: No! I just got 12th and lost so much VR, I’m at 7920 now.

Friend: Hahaha, looks like you’re in Nmeade Territory now.
by The Ackee Plant March 2, 2019
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The act of farting in order to clear an area for your own personal enjoyment
When it is difficult to get a lounge seat by pool:

"I'm going to lay down a territorial fart and clear the area so I can get the best lounger, and then no one will be bugging me"
by disathome October 11, 2009
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