The fascinating, deeply respected study of Airport terminals
DUDE 1: "Mate, where's the Qantas Terminal"
MATE: "Sorry I can't help you, it's Sydney airport"
DUDE 1: "Someone didn't study terminology!!"
by essenceofexistence April 19, 2017
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A terminology is a completely made-up slang term, or phrase. Sometimes the catch on, sometimes they don't
dude 1: "Oh snap! You wanna hear the new terminology I cooked up last night?"

dude 2: "Uh-oh"

dude 1: "check this out: I'm gonna call something cool that happens a 'seismic anomaly'"

dude 2: "okay, that's a terminology I can get into!"
by king sizzle May 21, 2010
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Used to describe something that is completely wrong; a lie. ( humorous euphemism)

NOTE: most rumors can be considered terminogical inexactitudes.

Origin: First used by Weinstein Churchill in a speech in 1906
The rumor that I had been killed in a rampage during black Friday was a terminological inexactitude.
by Arcane Ender November 30, 2013
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Harvard Terminology is the ambiguous grouping of words, typically in response to an inquiry requiring action, who’s objective is to leave the inquirer with sufficient hope to stifle the inquiry. This fleeting hope is usually followed by confusion and bewilderment regarding the true nature of this cruel response.

Ryland: Hey Stacy, what are you doing tonight? Would you like to go to a movie and grab a bite? Or maybe if you're not doing anything this weekend we could go to the beach. Let me know what works for you.

Stacy: That sounds like fun.

Ryland: You know, everytime you use Harvard Terminology, a baby turtle dies.
by RJL310 May 24, 2006
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an absurd blend of dog Latin, anglicized Greek, and bastardized mumbo-jumbo fragments of various other languages used by physicians and wannabe physicians solely for the purpose of establishing dominance in clinical interactions with those outside the medical community.
The patient came into my office acting like he knew his anus from a hole in the ground, but I threw some medical terminology at him to make him feel uneducated and vulnerable.
by AltLans September 30, 2013
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A term (or terms) used in the ghetto frequently. Most of the words and sayings on this site can be considered ghetto terminologies. It can also be used as a synonym for "slang".
All the lyrics of hip hop music are ghetto terminologies. A shoulder lean, a lean wit it rock wit it....Ghettoness at its best
by ItsAllMe August 6, 2006
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Used to describe words created or re-defined by social justice warriors for their various concepts. Mainly coined on Tumblr for use by their userbase, whether online or in real life.
Person 1: Wow, that was retarded.

Person 2: You ableist piece of shit, check your privilege!

Person 1: Would you fuck off with your Tumblr terminology, please?
by Herp Herpkinson July 11, 2015
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