to lean to the side and be a thug, and make money. YEAH
to stand on the corner of your hood with a duece of Malt liquor and your collar popped trying to make money and relax by leaning your shoulder. I was sittin on da corner of Third and Murry wit my Shoulder leaned!YEAH
by Cooter Brown April 26, 2006
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when you lean to one side sitting or standing.
this is done to emulate relaxation. silly bitches that is an illusion, one who shoulder leans is always on point.
dude at bar is practicing his shoulder lean.
someone attempts to jack him. He knows this and instantly responds with a solid reverse jacking and an ass whoopin.
by Cory Lund February 3, 2008
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lean ur shoulders from side to side when dancing b/c ur too pussy to shake that ass
i Shoulder Lean in my moms car b/c im sitting down in i can't dance
by tits in cocks April 20, 2006
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