Short for intense. Also meaning very extreme.
Rey: Dude, this guy just scaled that 6 story building.
Finn: Man, he is so tense.
by DaMostInterestingDudeINDaWorld October 12, 2018
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Being nervous; stiff
He seems really tense
by Dee Anna August 9, 2006
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When something is either amazing or something is really bad.
eg1- That party was Tesnse!
eg2- jon:im grounded
steve:ohhh thats tense!
by tom April 8, 2005
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not wanting to do fun stuff
me:wanna do fun stuff
amal:no im tense rn
by slattttttttt December 2, 2020
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porco Tensing, is a meme exclamation, originated from the video "Pingu sottotitolato (di nuovo)" where a portion from a Pingu episode is subtitled in italian. Being Pingu language Gibberish the subtitles are obviously fake, and made funny
Porco means pig and it's often used in blasphemy. Tensing is the italian name for the Dragon Ball character Tenshinhan.
You broke a plate, porco Tensing porco Tensing!
by Dakota264 April 10, 2020
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Tensing.. when a man is on top of a girl, and the girl is screaming..
Alicia was tensing when the man was raping her
by Shortstuffjo August 16, 2006
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The form of a verb referring to "after sex."
Rod and I will be over for dinner sex tense, thinking around 7ish.
by CLRG October 24, 2014
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