1) David Tennant, the modern Dr in Dr Who, known for being very sexy.
2) A large appendage.
"OMG Fran and Krissy, did you see the Ten-Inch?"
by Me me Me me December 6, 2006
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The size of a man-sized cock.
"I WANT you to fuck me! I NEED you to fuck me!", she shouted, as I drove my ten inches into her.
by LoveTorpedo July 14, 2019
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Full spelling of T.I.P., the rapper T.I.'s drug dealer alter ego. It is his originally rap name, but changed it to T.I. out of respect for the old rapper, Q-Tip.
Not many people know that T.I.P. stands for Ten Inch Playa, which is why he's called Tip.
by Twenty Inch Playa June 13, 2007
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A person or creature which believes it is very powerful, but is in fact quite weak.
Janet is such a ten inch tiger, constantly picking fights but she hasn't won even once.

My cat is a bully, he thinks he is a real tiger - too bad for him he's so small!
by Quazixi August 17, 2016
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The name of a form of punishing tool infrequently used on suspecting women.
I heard the Ten Inch Titan left it's mark on her.
by TheBoppingTroll June 1, 2009
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a fart that is so massive, it makes the owner rise ten inches off their seat. a person can be called a ten inch floater if they are known for having gass many a times.
look at that ten inch floater over there, blowin' off.
by shmorkey August 15, 2007
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