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Sexy upperclassmen who seem to dazzle the underclassmen. The underclassmen seem to want to bang these upperclassmen.
Look at that tempt. He is so sexy.

I want to band that tempt over there.
by i want to bang March 25, 2009
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Tempt is a fag who is going to be banned from clan in for stupidity.

booty call bitch!! ^^
Tempt is running presence's laast nerve. Retain get ur fucking ass in line he's mine
by Presence November 28, 2004
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An idiot on that thinks there is a direct connection between two players in a starcraft game. Don't ever listen to this guy hes stupid.
21:51:47 <QuickiN> Everyone leave the channel before that faggot Tempt comes.
by Quick[xL] March 16, 2005
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