Damn she's so tempting! But I cant ruin my relationship now!
by lyjadee February 20, 2017
When you have a great desire for something.
Oh, that box of chocolates is sooo tempting! But I can't ruin my figure now!
by gracegirl99 November 12, 2013
Sexy upperclassmen who seem to dazzle the underclassmen. The underclassmen seem to want to bang these upperclassmen.
Look at that tempt. He is so sexy.

I want to band that tempt over there.
by i want to bang March 25, 2009
Tempt is a fag who is going to be banned from clan in for stupidity.

booty call bitch!! ^^
Tempt is running presence's laast nerve. Retain get ur fucking ass in line he's mine
by Presence November 29, 2004
An idiot on battle.net that thinks there is a direct connection between two players in a starcraft game. Don't ever listen to this guy hes stupid.
21:51:47 <QuickiN> Everyone leave the channel before that faggot Tempt comes.
by Quick[xL] March 17, 2005
An uber 1337 h4x0r.

Super cool - 1337
Retain, you're such a retard. Tempt > You!
by Tempt November 28, 2004
When a man swims naked in the ocean and his penis is bobbing around like a small fish or similar food morsel.
Terry won't get in the water nude. He's too afraid of tempting the barracuda.
by Cheeno t April 16, 2011