Short for 'Technique'. Slang term used by the drug community to describe techniques for synthesizing or growing various psychoactive substances.
The best way to cultivate magic mushrooms is by using PF Tek.
by Claritin_Clear September 18, 2017
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From Technique. Relates to any combination of actions or sufficiently adept single action that results in a favourable outcome for the person performing said Tek.
I thought you were in trouble, but that tek saved you
by Errant July 24, 2004
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Tek-9, a machine pistol similar to a Mac-10 or an Uzi. See also gat.
I heard you rappin bout ya tek on ya dresser (Jay-Z).
by eminem November 6, 2003
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verb - to take
tek off dem choopid glasses. u look like an eediot
by real-i-o August 9, 2003
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nickname for boston red sox catcher Jason Varitek
Man, did you see Tek hit that home run off mariano rivera in the 9th?
by phil July 28, 2004
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Filipino Word Meaning "Penis" In Tagalog. Also Meaning: Dick, Cock, etc...
"Ang Tek-Tek Ko Maliit"

"My Penis Is Small"
by Roman B May 8, 2005
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by theoriginalhomosexual April 22, 2022
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