"YoU wOnT"
We all kick them (in the spott)
Is mean to you cus he likes you🤦🏽 ♀️
F1"Look at that hotttt teenage boy😍"
F2"yah but hes an ass"
F1"Wdym? He doesnt look like one!"
F2"hes coming over, just watch.."
TB"Heyy galss, im tryina smash either one of ya, whose up😎?"
F1 *kIcKs ThE sPoTt*
Basically a teenage boy is someone who just doesnt care at all and would do amything, for.. well.... anything. Its as simple as that (although some boys are nice, funny, and shy. Choose the teenage boys that dont talk that much!)
by Urmom😎 March 26, 2019
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A male 13-19 years old. Stereotyped by society as horny and dumb.
by Gotta let go October 10, 2020
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the act of masturbation with the door locked. typically done when the boy is left home alone
Oh yeah, my mom just went to the store. Boutta do some teenage boy things. I'll back to you later
by vlonethugvyi April 22, 2019
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when guys are acting horny and wanting some, but the girl isn't feeling it at the time
boy: wanna fuck
girl: golly gee not now, your such a horny bastard
boy:sorry i just have teenage boy syndrome!
by Fedflames September 25, 2005
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"Oi Pablo did you see that teenaged boy last night"
"Fucked him real good"
"Aight, cya Karl"
by DickMuncher69_420 October 03, 2019
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the act/ fear/ DEEP FUCKING HATRED of a male aged from 10-20.
teenage boys can be emo, racist, retards, slow, a lesbian's tool
those with teenage boy phobia should avoid any guys that

1. dont smile

2. Have wide eyes. it means they are either emo or a dufus

3. seem to know a lot and

4. are horny all the time
see teenaged boys
Eliza: Omg ian's such an ass

Sarai: Tell me about it. I have teenage boy phobia.

Eliza: its a good thing your a lesbian then.
by Mimiaru September 27, 2009
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