Burdensome; troublesome; difficult to handle because of weight or bulk
The drinks trolley for level 11 was so cumbersome that the wheel broke under heavy cornering by Vlad
by Stracton July 18, 2008
overbearing, dis-tastful, lame. Points may be issued for acts falling under these criteria and gear will be worn to meat's every other Friday.

Also, a bad seven mary three song.
Mario has recieved multiple points this week for his cumbersome remarks and acts. He will be wearing gear this Friday.
by Mr. Beantown March 27, 2009
awkward shape; either too large or too weighty to carry.

usually assocated with something unwieldly
The artist formally known as Moyesyside has a knob shaped like a kelloggs cornflake box, its very cumbersome
by Sack the Juggler November 2, 2007
A fancy word literary snobs like to use instead of complicated when referring to sentence structure.

The word gets very annoying when used over and over again.
Teacher: "Don't end your sentences in prepositions, but make sure your sentences aren't cumbersome."
by 0000000oooo. September 24, 2009
When a word has too many Qs
All of these words are just too Q-cumbersome:
Albuquerque; equivoque; quaquaversal; querquedule; quinquagesima; quinquangular; quinquarticular;

quinqueangled; quinquedentate; quinquedentated;

quinquefarious; quinquefid; quinquefoliate; quinquefoliated;

quinqueliteral; quinquelobate; quinquelobared; quinquelobed; quinquelocular; quinquenerved; quinquennial; quinquennium; quinquepartite; quinquereme;

quinquesyllable; quinquevalve; quinquevalvular; quinquivalent; subquinquefid
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ March 13, 2010
The result of a heavy buildup of excrement after binge eating. From the Italian gigunda shit.
Grandpa there ate so much last night and had to take a cumbersome dump in the morning. He didn;t make it to the toilet.
by tirtle April 27, 2017
"How's you're cumbersome doing?"
by very_dumish.person August 16, 2022