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A highly irritant substance commonly used by cops to push back peaceful protestors.
You've got to be a shitty person either to use it, or to order soldiers to use it.
A: "If you were facing protests regarding a worldwide scandal regarding cops killing a black guy, what would you do?"
Trump: "Oh thats easy! Let's have cops commit even more violence against people by using tear gas against them. That's totally not gonna increase the amount of hate people carry towards them for what they did."
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by all-poweful Shaggy June 08, 2020
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the act of farting in the palm of your hand and closing it very tightly so no substance comes out,then when some poor shmuck is not ready for it you unleash the gas from your kung-fu grip directly into the face of your victim.if done correctly you will bring tears to the eyes of the some cases of tear gasing but very rare the victim will pass out.
hey chuck give your girlfriend betty a tear gasing!it might get her to finally shut up!
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 28, 2005
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a dead band that still makes music even tho the members are dead help this dying breed of idiots
tear gas is more dead than tear gas
by ThatOneTrannyKyu March 10, 2020
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When somebody farts and it smells so foul, it brings tears to the eyes, and everybody is fighting to get out of the foul space.
You're cruisin' down the strip bumping sick beats with the homies. One of them rips a nasty egg-like fart, causing fools to pull their shirts over their faces and/or pump the brakes allowing them to jump out the whip for fresh air.

Driver: "yo man, why you gotta tear gas my ride?, that shit was unnecessary"
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by TDK NATiON August 09, 2019
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