Teagan means "attractive" or "Poet". She is shy, but wants to be around people. Ridiculously athletic, not only physically but emotionally and intellectually, always striving to be the best while still being humble. Although clumsy at times, this girl will make you look stupid when you want to compete! Teagan is beautiful with big brown eyes that have a hint of old soul as well as having a zest for life. She is every guys dream. Loves athletics, cooking, adventurous and being independent, yet takes pride in being a girl, being beautiful, being elegant when she is not the tomboy everyone assumes she is.
Teagan is a friend to all. Kind and understanding, patient with most and willing to share her knowledge and experience. She does not like conflict and is good at avoiding it. This girl is smart, quick minded, full of common sense and is successful at anything she puts her mind to.
Teagan means "attractive" or "Poet"
by rightytighty November 6, 2016
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An albino maple syrup goblin that lives in the great north, he only comes out when he needs more syrup
Teagan is sexy af
by Great north May 24, 2019
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Teagans are amazing people.
They are kind, generous, funny, smart, and not to mention hot.
Teagans make a great friend or boyfriend or Girlfriends, they are honest, reliable, and only want the best for others.
Teagans are also great kissers and only date people because they love them.

If you get a chance to be their friend or date them count yourself lucky!
Kid 1: "Wow their hot!"
Kid 2: "They're also really funny and smart!"
Kids 1 & 2: "What their name?"
Kid 3: "Teagan."
Kids 1 & 2: "oh that makes sense then..."
by yogalover March 30, 2016
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A wonderful girl who has great friends and is amazing to be around, she thinks that she’s not pretty even though she is! She is obsessed with many things like music and YouTube. She is very depressed and tries to hide it even though she can’t hide everything. She loves animals and has a kind, sensitive, heart that has a “void” in it where she has been hurt by loved ones. She is afraid to say I love you and goodbye because she thinks that its permanent, everyone around her always see’s a smile on her face and she almost never looks like she has had a bad day. So many people love her but she doesn’t realize it, she is to busy trying to plan her next way of hiding a problem so that people can’t see that she’s hurting so deeply, and doesn’t show it! She has beautiful blue eyes that change in the sun and gorgeous freckles and wonderful curly hair that so many people wish for! And her hair color is to die for. If you can get Teagan to be your friend and maby even start dating people will stare at how cute you guys are because she fits with everyone, though she may be annoying at times she really loves her friends and doesn’t mean anything! She is just scared of what will happen in the future and she doesn’t want anybody else to go through what she is going through. Teagan also has a set of pipes and can sing very well she is just shy and wants someone to just listen without joining in or causing a distraction.
“Wow, Teagan is really looking cute today I wonder if she knows that she’s that beautiful”
by That.girl.is.a.cutie April 24, 2019
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Ultimately the best girl in the universe, someone selfless, caring, kind, gentle and sweet. Not to mention she is also completely and totally beautiful. The kind of girl a should be insanely grateful to be with. In all sense of the word, she is perfect.
Wow, that girl is so wonderful in everyway. She must be a Teagan.
by Fordman177 November 21, 2011
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An albino maple syrup goblin, he only comes out when he needs more syrup
Teagan is sexy af
by Great north May 24, 2019
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The voice of an angel. And talent like you would not believe.
she has the happiest smile But is the queen of sass. IF YOU SASS HER, SHE WILL SASS BACK. Y o u c a n ' t w i n
She has a kind heart and a very wide vocabulary.
Her poetry is above Shakespearean level, and she knows what words hit deep into your soul.
Person 1: "Dayum what is that heavenly sound!?"
Person 2: "Oh that's a Teagan."
Person 1: "Wow, shes talented."
by PP for your PG movies June 18, 2019
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