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Teagan means "attractive" or "Poet". She is shy, but wants to be around people. Ridiculously athletic, not only physically but emotionally and intellectually, always striving to be the best while still being humble. Although clumsy at times, this girl will make you look stupid when you want to compete! Teagan is beautiful with big brown eyes that have a hint of old soul as well as having a zest for life. She is every guys dream. Loves athletics, cooking, adventurous and being independent, yet takes pride in being a girl, being beautiful, being elegant when she is not the tomboy everyone assumes she is.
Teagan is a friend to all. Kind and understanding, patient with most and willing to share her knowledge and experience. She does not like conflict and is good at avoiding it. This girl is smart, quick minded, full of common sense and is successful at anything she puts her mind to.
Teagan means "attractive" or "Poet"
by rightytighty November 05, 2016
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Ultimately the best girl in the universe, someone selfless, caring, kind, gentle and sweet. Not to mention she is also completely and totally beautiful. The kind of girl a should be insanely grateful to be with. In all sense of the word, she is perfect.
Wow, that girl is so wonderful in everyway. She must be a Teagan.
by Fordman177 November 20, 2011
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Teagans are amazing people.
They are kind, generous, funny, smart, and not to mention hot.
Teagans make a great friend or boyfriend or Girlfriends, they are honest, reliable, and only want the best for others.
Teagans are also great kissers and only date people because they love them.

If you get a chance to be their friend or date them count yourself lucky!
Kid 1: "Wow their hot!"
Kid 2: "They're also really funny and smart!"
Kids 1 & 2: "What their name?"
Kid 3: "Teagan."
Kids 1 & 2: "oh that makes sense then..."
by optronix July 03, 2016
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For a boy, means super smart, caring, loving, silly, kind, fun to be around, and always making people smile! Most likely not to be a fuckboy because they are usually the sweetest guys although they look mean and act tough no one will love you more than them. Usually the life of the party and a personal diary who never tells! Basically the best guy you'll ever meet in your life! His mom most likely just as awesome too. You'll never find someone as good as him, so don't hurt him cause he can be cold-hearted. Also doesn't care what other people think. And loves people for who they are. If taken just know that girl is lucky as shit and all the girls are jealous cause he's just so great! Usually play sports, or hanging with friends! All around great guy
Girl: "Teagan is such a great boyfriend!"
Girl 2: "I know! You're so lucky"
by .b.i.t.c.h.e.s.&.c.r.e.a.m. August 23, 2016
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The most AMAZING girl will ever meet. She has the most radiant personality you will find. Beautiful in every way ; smile, hair, figure, laugh, personality... everything! She doesn't realize it, but she is the nicest and sweetest person ever. You can never go wrong with a friend like Teagan. It's sad that she doesn't know how beautiful she is. She has glorious big brown eyes that have a lively aura about them and glisten. If you are lucky enough to be friends with her, she is a treasure that you keep finding out more and more about and she is a blessing and delight to have in your life.
gorgeous radiant amazing beautiful sweet lovely Teagan
by gxazx2013 February 18, 2013
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