''on da coach gots a fully semi uzi got two ounces of dirty soul in my hoody like mommy told me look both ways before i cross da street
so i wont be harrased by tazzy homey''
''work dat block''-''ruger-montana
by clapper February 4, 2007
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Means stop aggravating; knock it off, leave it alone so not to cause more of a issue or drama on the situation.
by Nonism March 24, 2019
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Tazzy system is the most gay heavy weapon of all time if u wanna be tazzy use dot name white skin and tazzy system
by Supercoolboy123 July 16, 2020
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Slang for a woman's genitals not-so-commonly used in Austrailia. See vagina
She's got a nice map of tazzy, let me tell you!
by Ember Lilith July 6, 2006
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When your playing a computer game and you tilt your head in real life to see around corners in the game adding no extra help what so ever.
Bo couldn't see his target properly, so he tries a tazzie lean to try and compensate. He perished in the attempt.
by NedkellyHD May 2, 2020
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