An incorrect spelling of AUSTRALIA. Commonly used by people who will seriously try to lick their elbows if asked.
Do kangaroos hop along the streets in Austrailia?
by monkeyface August 25, 2004
A worthless, bitch ass country that is third world. Usually full of retarded sand niggers. Contains such as the dumbest people in the world such as people named cody with a K.
Austrailia is s retarded country.
by Big pp eater January 1, 2019
austrailia is a terrible country. fuck it we all hate it burn it to crisps. we have like 100 degrees here in the summer. and like minus 100 degrees in the winter. yeh spring does exist. but why. its just sunny one minute then the next its pissing down rain. like what the fuck
austrailia is fucked
by fuck austrailia type of gal January 22, 2021
A bitch ass, worth less 3rd world country. Usually full of dumb sand niggers. Also contains the dumbest people on earth, such as people named Cody with a K.
Austrailia is fucking retarded.
by Big pp eater January 1, 2019