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Noun: A reference to almost anything.

Verb: Means to fuck with (not sexually).

This can be used in replace of 'fuck' because it is toned down so as not to offend anyone.
Noun: "Hey ef, we gotta go or we'll be late!"
"Oh ef!"
Verb: :::Me playing in the ocean throwing sandcrabs at Samir::: Samir: "Don't ef with the wildlife!"

by darsebendz October 12, 2005

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An all purpose car that is the best to learn to drive in, since if you hit anything it will make the car look better. Comes in sedan, or if you're lucky you'll get the wagon which seats 8 uncomfortably. Don't plan on having the car long, as it seems to have a smoking problem and only lasts till 70K (and if you say yours lasted longer you're lying)!!! People will try to pimp it out, like Brad, but he is a sissy and likes cats so it's okay.
Brad went home every weekend to wash his pimped out Taurus.

Mom spilled her coke all over the roof of our Taurus.

After our Taurus was in the shop for 2 days we had a huge bill.
by darsebendz October 12, 2005

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