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taurus is the second zodiac sign , taurus loveee people & are great conversationalist!! people say taurus don’t like to be in the “spotlight” and don’t “like attention” which some might be like that, however many DO like attention & “being in the spotlight.” people also say taurus are quite and sometimes prefer to keep to themselves, again some maybe... but most LIKE people like mentioned before. taurus are usually very appealing to look at & are considered one of the most attractive zodiac signs. {i don’t believe anyone can say any of the signs is THE MOST ATTRACTIVE everyone is different & beauty is in the eye of the beholder} but anyways yes taurus are very outgoing and fun to be around !!! they can talk your head off , but they are good listeners if you really need someone to rant too, taurus will be there. they also keep secrets very well, if you want them to keep something on the DL don’t worry taurus got ya!!! taurus are friends with everyone but can be great friends with gemini & libra. taurus is ruled by venus... the goddess of love , as well as libra is so that maybe why they can be such good friends. romance isn’t always easy for a taurus to find & that is rarely the taurus fault. once a taurus gets in a relationship they will stay committed and are VERY loyal. they are very physical signs & love being held , loved , just touched in a cute way. make sure you have a taurus somewhere in your life!!!
Man, i’m so glad my bestfriend is a taurus!!! she’s always there for me.
by tauruszodiaccc December 10, 2017
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Zodiac sing that goes from April 20 to May 20. It's an earth sign. They have beautiful hair, they are stubborn, they like food ( A LOT). The most compatible sings with them are: TAURUS - CANCER - VIRGO - LIBRA.
If I was born the 17th of May I would be a Taurus.
by wisdomwords September 21, 2015
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Aggressive love being in long realationships ,they give a good fight. Protect the ones they love they like to eat food (A LOT). Very attractivepeople!!, Really caring and goodfor ranting to.Good listeners.Very loyal. Very humble but really goofy and know (Everybody). Tend to me the more popular person.stand out from others. Love to SLEEP.The best sighn at being petty.
He’s very cute and funny, he must be a Taurus.
by Idatrin March 03, 2019
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Agressive. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely out going. Loves to help people in a time of need. Good kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person. One of a kind. Not one to mess with. Are the most attractive people on earth!
"I cant believe your taking your parents to court"
"im 18 and this is what i want"
"but still...."
"still nothing."
"whats your sign? you must be taurus. always fighting. and soo stubborn!"
by Sexi Charleyi September 29, 2009
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The bull of the zodiacs, a very stubborn yet sensational sign full of sappy love and food habits. This sign applies to people born from May 21-April 21! The average Taurus is very goodlooking and hardworking. A Taurus is a very stubborn masterpiece, with the enragement of a bull and the sweetness of a kitten all in one. These signs tend to be big foodies and love a good meal or midnight snack!
PersonA: He/she looks so good!
PersonB: They are very stubborn and sweet in one.
PersonA: They MUST be a Taurus!
by MistressMoon October 11, 2018
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