May 20 is National hug day.So you can get anyone a hug that you want to!So huggers be ready cause it’s your day today
Hug:Alyssa can I get a hug


Cause it’s May 20 and you know what that means
by Slime🐍 May 17, 2019
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Taurus. On this day people will realize what great opportunity and purpose these people with this birthday have. People Born on this day resemble, marksmanship,Loyalty,Little to no sense of fear and most in important people Born on this day resemble self Truth,Self forgiveness and stay strong
"good things come to those that work hard, but True things come to those that are patient and accepted things

"You're future is not you're past so make it that -d
This word Defines nothing except what you make it define. For example may 20
by By- DG October 22, 2019
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A day a crazy motherfucking insane whore slut ass bad bitch was born. If you were born on this day you are super tough and mean but a sweetheart. You have the most insane ideas and are super spontaneous. You have an insanely sexy body which you use to your advantage and take whatever u want. You can and will take someone’s mans, get bored and then toss them away.
“When was Nancy born ?“
“Idk I think may 20th, why?”
“Oh shit bro I gotta go hide mine”
by HURHEHEHEIOSN November 5, 2019
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A bitch was born on this day
I was born on May 20, I’m the bitch
by bxsicbxtch November 2, 2019
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You get to kiss your lover as many times and whenever you want
Girl:Hey babe let me kiss you it May 20
by Matchmaking Machine May 18, 2019
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national shit in your sink day
“Yo what day is it?”
“May 20, why?”
Gotta go shit in my sink, sorry.”
by young money thug October 29, 2019
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The day a hot ass lesbian girl was born, she’s most likely going to steal your bitch.
Oh shit she was born on May 20th, you better hold your bitch close.
by Jesus Christ-Lord and Savior October 30, 2019
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