A mark on a person that generally condems them to a life of crime, the more tattoos one has the higher the chance of a life filled with jails and institutions.
Ericas Dad: Erica just got like 20 tattoos all over her body

Ericas Mom: Well fuck we just pissed away 50k on her college. I wish she would have told me that so I could have prepped her for a life of crime.
by MrHobbes69 June 22, 2014
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A form of art-work. Usually a picture imprinted on the body to describe one's personality or feelings. It's a very serious art, not one to carelessly mess around with.
I think I'm going to get a tattoo.
Do you think getting a tattoo will hurt?
by millies June 20, 2003
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A form of expression favored by people who cannot express their individuality through productive means for want of the mental and/or creative capacity. Popular with teenage girls, frat boys, chain-smoking broads, and late 19th/early 20th century sailors.
Teenage Girl: I would like a tattoo that reflects my individuality and unique personality.

Sleazy Tattoo Artist: How about a butterfly on your hip?

Teenage Girl: Its like you read my mind!
by The Ghost of Ambrose Bierce March 10, 2009
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quickest way of spotting a wanker
person 1 to person 2 - i just knew you was a wanker what with those tattoos you have
by bibbleboo September 10, 2010
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An imaged permanently inked on the body between layers of skin.

Some tattoos are indeed stupid. Usually done by scratchers who will ink things onto teenagers who are too young to realize what they're doing, or people who really don't grasp the concept of a what a tattoo is and the reality of forever.

A well thought out quality tattoo means something to their wearer and is done by a professional. They can be very beautiful and personal at the same time.
I have my sons footprint tattooed on my shoulder. Every time I see it I remember what a wonderful joy he brought to my life when he was alive.
by NChick1987 December 05, 2005
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another fashion trend among some people thinking they actually have something to say that's both important and permanent.
I have a serious need for coolness and heavily into that scene so I'm going to mark up my body to prove with yet another tattoo since I don't have any other way of communicating my individuality with those around me.
by Joe Young October 20, 2007
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A mark made on a lark which shows not in the dark.
That tattoo is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life; then decorate my corpse after I'm gone.
by BabyTaylor March 26, 2008
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