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One who taps their friends and aquaintances for money or favours. The git that never buys a round in the pub!
Mike is such a tapper...he never puts his hand in his pocket!
by Mingerz January 20, 2011
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Usually in online gaming (typically in FPS games), when a person turns there modem on standby, or pulls a cord out and plugs it back in. When that happens, it appears to that person that everyone is standing still, so they can just go around and kill anyone they want while they are standing still. You usually know when this happens when all of a sudden a person gets many kills in a extremely small amount of time.

Anonymous 1 has killed Anonymous 2.

Anonymous 1 has killed Anonymous 3.

Anonymous 1 has killed Anonymous 4.

Anonymous 1 has killed Anonymous 5.

Anonymous 1 has killed Anonymous 6.

"0mfg tapper n33b! R3p0rted ur sorry @$$!!"
by Evzfire13 April 12, 2009
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The act of flicking your hand at someone's crotch area and hitting their balls with your knuckles. Quick tappers are usually sloppy, and may only seem like a slap or punch to the balls. If you hit a guy right, it hurts.

Doing this on a girl is called a Cooterslap.
Frank tried to give Vince a tapper, but missed and hit his leg.
by Zabgolla April 04, 2006
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A term used to describe the act of homosexual men soliciting sex, generally in public rest rooms such as truck stops, wal-mart, etc. While in a bathroom stall, the foot of the soliciting male is gently slid under the divider separating the two stalls, and he proceeds to "tap" the neighboring males foot. This is generally accepted as an indirect call to see if there is interest in sexual acts.
by JrC1 March 15, 2011
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The former drummer of the band We Are Scientists. His first name of Michael is not needed, as we will always know him as Tapper. He had a beard.
OMG when Tapper left I thought We Are Scientists might finish but then Keef and Chris did stuff and it was all better and we was all happy!
by Buttsecksy Time February 11, 2008
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n. An extremely unattractive woman who attempts to gain male attention by any means.
Originated from hookers in windows who were too ugly to attract patrons that they had to "tap" on the glass to get attention.
How was that party last night Jim?
It would have been fun Carl, but there was this tapper that wouldn't go away.
by CKlo August 08, 2007
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The guy that says "I'd tap that" when he sees a fine woman on the street.
I was walking down the street lookin at a fine lady when Andrew said, "I'd tap that." Therefor hes a Tapper
by Bob homo March 20, 2007
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