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God (sort of) of theoretically infinite omniscience & omnipotence, but these will vary according to the proximity of the Down Under bar on the Welly Road (Northampton) and in practise there may be an administrative charge. The Tapis is in the basement of the aforementioned bar, and Those In The Know feed him on finest quality lawn clippings deposited in a Qualcast lawnmower thingy that holds the grass. He often watches the telly. He sits on a carved ebony throne & there's a nice oriental carpet in said basement. You can put excess sausages & the like from barbies back on the grill and sort of offer up a burnt offering. The Tapis will let you know telepathically if he was too knackered to achieve the boon that you requested.
The Tapis enjoyed Emmerdale.
by Tapis July 20, 2006
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